Lolita's Cupcreations

Flavor List

  • Nutella ~ Garnished Nutella Buttercream over chocolate
  • Chocolate Mint ~ Andes Mints in chocolate fudge, Mmmmmmint!
  • Cookie Dough ~ Everything chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Cookie Dough Reverse ~ All cookie dough
  • Peanut Butter Turtle ~ Danger!!  Sweet tooth beware!!
  • Almond Pistachio (raspberry filling suggested)
  • Oreo ~ The name says it all!
  • Key Lime ~ I believe this would be Jimmy Buffets Favorite!
  • Mrs. Red ~ Mascarpone over red velvet!
  • Pink Strawberry ~ Strawberry milkshake in a cupcake
  • White Almond ~ White almond, Raspberry filling, need I say more?
  • Perfect Vanilla ~ Your choice of filling and buttercream
  • Perfect Chocolate ~ Your choice of filling and buttercream
  • Lemon ~ Lemon with blueberry filling
  • Apple ~ Warm apples with cinnamon and brown sugar
  • Pumpkin ~ topped with maple pumpkin cream, filled with caramel
  • S'mores ~ Just like the campfire favorite, only better!
  • Orange Creamsicle ~ Orange with a creamy filling.
  • Coconut with Rum Brulee filling
  • White Russian ~ contains alcohol

Alcohol Infused Flavors

  • Mint Julep ~ The Derby Favorite!
  • White Russian ~ just like the drink
  • Raspberry Tiramisu ~ Disaronno not in a glass
  • Coconut cream ~ Rum Brulee

Food Allergies?  Please be advised that most of the products may contain allergens, including peanuts.